Meet Bree

Massage & Reiki Practitioner

Located in Templeton, right off highway 101 with a cozy, private room at Dr. Fox's chiropractic office, Bree Cassidy is skilled in many modalities of massage therapy. She also works part time with Dr. Watson Chiropractic in Morro Bay.  She has been a Reiki practitioner for over 20 years and is skilled in healing the body from aches, pains and trauma. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or just need a bit of serenity- she is able to help you. Some of the modalities she practices are listed below. 

Swedish Massage

This type of massage focusses on relaxation with long gliding strokes towards the heart that helps increase blood flow; getting more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and removing toxins from the body. Other benefits include stress reduction by lowering cortisol and assisting in lymphatic flow to strengthen the immune system.

Deep Tissue

This type of massage can help with muscle tension that occurs from chronic pain and can help release tight tissue clusters that cause it. Deep tissue also helps lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase serotonin levels which promotes happiness, breaks up scar tissue to encourage recovery, reduces arthritis symptoms, among many other amazing benefits.

Stretch & Release Therapy

Stretch and release can be incorporated into any massage and helps elongate muscles while releasing any painful adhesions or stiffness. Benefits include improved performance in physical activities, decreased risk of injury, assisting your joints through their full range of motion, increased muscle blood flow, enables your muscles to work more efficiently and improve your ability to do daily activities with more ease.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are painful, tense areas found in muscles also known as knots, stiffness, tension or adhesions. These areas may have been brought on by a new or old injury, daily life such as repetition in a job or may be the reason for headaches and migraine. Trigger points can occur anywhere in the body but the most common areas can be the neck, low back and shoulders. This treatment targets individual muscles and helps release the area promoting relief and better range of motion. Also, a great therapy for those suffering from TMJ. This type of work can be incorporated into any massage.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique, utilizing a non-invasive holistic approach to energy transfer. It helps break down energy blocks in the body – balancing mind, body and spirit. Research suggests that Reiki helps your body return to a state of deep relaxation which allows your body to heal from damage brought on by stress, injury or disease. This deep state of relaxation, when your brain waves reach theta stage, restores and re-establishes correct functioning to the endocrine system which releases powerful hormones and chemicals vital the bodies health. Other benefits of reiki include better sleep, improved mood and pain relief.

Pregnancy & Infant Massage

There are so many benefits to massage no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in! Massage helps decrease anxiety and depression, increase energy levels and reduces fatigue. For mom to be it increases circulation to legs that may be prone to varicose veins and helps with edema; the buildup of fluid in the lower legs and feet. It relieves the discomfort on weight bearing joints, ankles, knees, hips and pelvis. It also increases levels of prolactin and progesterone while lowering cortisol, increasing oxytocin and promoting relaxation which is vital - because what Mom experiences, so does baby! We all benefit from the nurture of touch, lessons on baby and child massage offered as well.



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