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My name is Bree Cassidy and I am a massage Therapist. I have focused most of my career and education on making therapeutic massage a specialty by  working with chiropractors and their patients for the past several years. I am not only familiar with, but have honed my skills at working with a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions. My goal is to help people with everything from lowering stress levels to reducing their pain and increasing their range of motion. Let's work together to help you feel better!

About what I do

Along with a basic Swedish or a deep tissue massage, I am able to incorporate a wide variety of modalities that will work best for you. These methods include skills like trigger point therapy, myofacial release, stretching & resistance stretching, acupressure, prenatal and infant, sports massage and Reiki energy healing.


I always recommend a 90 minute massage to start because that will give me the time to fully assess the whole body. When it comes to the body, everything is connected! This means the cause of your issue may not always be in the same place where you feel the pain. I have helped patients that suffer from conditions such as chronic headaches, TMJ disorder, frozen shoulder, severe anxiety, muscle pain and stiffness, mysterious stomach pain and insomnia to name a few. Massage can help reduce or eliminate a wide variety of issues in our bodies, boost our immune system and leave us with a sense of well being.

Take the path towards healing yourself - self care is the best medicine!

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